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PORN LEGEND: I Know What You Need to Get Rock Hard Monster Dick That Lasts for Hours!

Paul Felske, Monday

Hi, today I'm REALLY lucky as I'm going to interview the king of porn: Mandingo! The size of his penis is very well known all over the world: girls get wet when they see this sexy guy around and every man envies his rock-hard erection.

- Hey Mandingo! I'm your biggest fan! Do you interact with your fans?

- Yeah, I read Twitter and crazy fans constantly bombard me with e-mails, too. Angry parents curse me for my "lack of values", but I think that young people don't end up being perverts because of porn. It just helps them to learn some things that you can't really ask your parents.

- Do guys write you too, for advice?

- Ahaha yeah, sure they do... They just can't believe that in my fifties I have a cock as hard as STEEL and as BIG as it was when I was 18, even after fucking for ten hours straight. They look for an answer: "How can I be like that, too?" It's not about exercise or special stretches, hell, no! (laughs)

- Come on, spit it out. I wanna figure it out, too, man. Confess!

- You know, I started taking Viagra. Loads of it, because I wanted to stand out. There's a lot of big guys out there with huge cocks who can push you out from the center stage in a blink of an eye. But turns out Viagra is shit. I had migraines and burning eyes.

- So then, what's your secret?

- When I started working in the porn industry, I was a kid with a 4.7" cock. I begged to join at least the circle jerk scenes. I used pumps, kettlebells, lubes and drops...yet my dick stayed limp. Even three hours of blow jobs weren't enough to get a rock-hard erection (with much regret).

So I decided to become a theater director, but I failed. I'm obsessed with sex, I love to make those bitches scream. When girls watch my movies, I want their panties to get wet. That's what really makes me freak out!

- Your problems were the worst during the "Fresh Meat 13" shoot, right?

- I was really fucked up! They were about to kick me out. Who needs a limp dick guy, after all? My cock just didn't get hard and I couldn't fuck. I remember once I was fucking a cute girl and all of a sudden she asked me: "Mandingo, are you still there?"..."

I took a break and went to the toilet. I was by the mirror and, fuck, I almost cried. I tried to get it hard: I jerked off, browsed through some porn magazines, but I could only cry. Then Lee Stone burst in. Just imagine: I looked at him and at his huge cock. I couldn't believe it. He said to me: "Hey man, you got problems?", then he started to rub a gel on his dick...

- Lee actually helped you?

- So, I was staring at his dick and he could see mine, flimsy. He laughed and then put on my hand some Beast Gel (I didn't know its name, then)

Lee just got out of the restroom. Then my dick came back to LIFE!

It also got REALLY MUCH bigger, and the girth almost doubled. At first I panicked. I came back to the scene, put on a condom and tore it. I tore thirty condoms after using Beast Gel. I fucked for 5 and a half hours. During all this time my cock was ROCK HARD. Girls under me screamed with pain and pleasure. What the hell? I didn't manage to even penetrate them well before and now I barely could fit!

- That is really something! And your big guy down there doesn't let you down now?

- (Laughs). You should have seen the faces of the girls when I pulled The Thing out of my pants. They got real excited! As soon as I WAS IN, they came. I fucked 15 pussies in 30 minutes without a break during shooting. They literally crawled away, they couldn't stay on their legs. And all this after trying Beast Gel. 0.6" bigger in just 5 days.

- Size matters, doesn't it?

- Sure, man! Only short dick guys say it doesn't. They need to get good at eating pussy, though, if they think so, but girls tend to cheat on that kind of guys. There's nothing like a HUGE python FILLING UP THEIR MOUTHS, getting way deep inside their throats, making them choke and cry with pleasure.

Girls write to me complaining that their boyfriends' dicks are short like a finger and, when inside, can only tickle their pussies. I'm sorry for these dolls. I just can't understand men. Everybody talked a lot about Beast Gel. It really works. But they are just too stupid. You don't believe this, do you? Then take a look at it yourself. (laughs). I can show you my 9 inches (puts his hand in his pants) Grab a ruler.

- Ahaha. We got it, Mandingo, thanks. But that gel isn't it full of chemicals? Won't it make it fall off?

- Well, look at me! I'm 51 and it STILL gets hard. Think about it, if it had chemicals, I wouldn't rub it on my dick. It's 100% safe. No allergic reactions. It just stimulates your dick's muscles, enlarging it. Blood flows in a blink of an eye and then it gets hard till you moan with pleasure and collapse exhausted. Girls just love it.

- What do you think, should I try Beast Gel with my girlfriend? She's been acting real nasty in bed recently and I'm afraid that my "buddy" can't satisfy her anymore.

- Sure! Frankly speaking, I think that the key of a happy relationship lies in orgasms. The more intense they are, the better you and your girlfriend will feel. Try to remember: When was the last time you saw her eyes full of happiness? When did she scream with pleasure? (Pause). That's what I'm talking about.

So you tickled her pussy a little and then she went to the bathroom to finish the job herself? This is not an option. Men, wake up: I say this all the time. I wouldn't really like to be impotent or come quickly, would you?! This product is SUPER EFFECTIVE if you want to pleasure yourselves and a lot of girls...or make just one feel HAPPY!

- Thanks, Mandingo!

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